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“A Bite to Remember”
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A Bite to Remember

On a warm summer night, whilst out for an evening flutter, Marvin the moth spots a grand regal lady wearing a delicious-looking red silk dress.


Determined to take a bite, he goes into hot pursuit: a fateful decision which will lead to a mouthwatering adventure, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.


This charming romp introduces children to a world that many have yet to experience: Opera! A wonderfully rich setting of theater and music; filled with troubling trombones, crashing cymbals and one overly dramatic diva.

“A Bite to Remember” is a vibrant, exciting picture book for ages 5 and up that teaches children about the merits of perseverance and not quitting when things get tough. Because if you keep doing the thing that seems too hard to do, you might just get more than you ever imagined.

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Mr. Patches is bored! That’s the long and short of it. Every day feels like it's a chore. Where are the adventures that he has never had?


One day, Mr. Patches makes a pact with himself. For a whole week, he will give boredom the slip! From riding out on the range on a moose, to winning first prize for “Cat with Best Hair.”

This fun-filled book, for children ages 4 and up, shows boredom in a new light: not an endless series of dull days, but rather, an infinite source of inspiration and possibilities.

Mr. Patches is Bored!

A children's book by Nick Schönfeld & Julie Arnoult

Edited by Millie Casper

What could a bored cat possibly get up to? Well, a whole lot as it turns out. See for yourself. 

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Recommendations and Reviews


"Mr. Patches is Bored is an engaging picture book exemplifying the need for self-motivation and creative thinking. Students loved this story and were enthralled by the excitement on each page. Although the book is fiction, I loved that there were many connections to aspects of nonfiction such as the layers of dirt showing the complexity of aged soil, and the page break linked to the Japanese belief in Ma which gives the reader time to think and observe (shown by the wordless pages 18-19). Mr. Patches is bored is truly a book that shows that every day is full of endless possibilities if you choose to pursue them."

- Ijanaya Jacob-Brown, Librarian, Antwerp International School

"Mr Patches is Bored was a hit with children across our Junior School from Year 2 to Year 6 - the themes running throughout meant that all children could access the story in a way appropriate to their age and level of understanding. It is a fabulous post lockdown/home learning text to use with the children and the sessions complemented our social and emotional curriculum perfectly."

- Hannah Williams, Deputy Head Junior School, British School of Amsterdam.

"We were lucky to be able to host both Nick and Julie on a visit to our school. They were both really engaging and child friendly. The students in my school were enthralled with the well rhymed verses as with the detailed illustrations. I highly recommend their book Mr Patches is Bored. It has a few difficult vocabulary words but in rhyme and simile form it actually helps to build up the vocabulary of the students. Nick as the story teller also paused to make sure the kids understood the content as time went on and they loved discovering interesting Easter Eggs in the illustrations.”

- Kevin Miller, Primary Librarian, Berlin International School

"I love love love Mr Patches is Bored! From the vocabulary and use of academic language, to the lyrical rhythm, to the use of illustrations, the syntax structure and access to complex ideas!!!! Patches allowed me to showcase how primary educators can set up the conditions so that English Learners and diverse learners can deconstruct complex ideas to develop oral and written language development.” 

Johnpaul Lapid - Senior Research Associate with English Learner and Migrant Education Services for WestEd.