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 Author Nick Schönfeld reads
“A Bite to Remember”
A_Bite_To_Remember_VO_NickNick Schonfeld
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A Bite to Remember

On a warm summer night, whilst out for an evening flutter, Marvin the moth spots a grand regal lady wearing a delicious-looking red silk dress.


Determined to take a bite, he goes into hot pursuit: a fateful decision which will lead to a mouthwatering adventure, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.


This charming romp introduces children to a world that many have yet to experience: Opera! A wonderfully rich setting of theater and music; filled with troubling trombones, crashing cymbals and one overly dramatic diva.

“A Bite to Remember” is a vibrant, exciting picture book for ages 5 and up that teaches children about the merits of perseverance and not quitting when things get tough. Because if you keep doing the thing that seems too hard to do, you might just get more than you ever imagined.

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A Bite to Remember